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A redundancy occurs only when an employee is dismissed and the reason for his dismissal is that his job is no longer available at the place where he works (because the factory that employs him was closed, for example) or where his employer no longer requires the same number of employees to do what he does (because of a fall in demand for the product he makes, or changes in technology, for example). An employee’s job is redundant if the business that employs him closes down or closes down at the location where he works, or if he becomes surplus to the requirements of the business.


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The guidance on this site is intended mainly for employers and business owners, because Lawrite, which publishes this site, is a provider of HR and legal support services to employers.

If you are an employee looking for help with a problem at work, please follow the link below for more information for employees and where you can find an employment law guide written specifically for employees, explaining your rights at work, how the employment tribunal system works, how the law protects you against discrimination at work, and other useful information:

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