HR and legal support for UK employers from Lawrite

Most people running or managing a small or medium-sized business cannot justify the cost of employing an HR or legal manager, but using Lawrite services allows employers to have the benefits of an HR and legal department for a low fixed annual fee.

Employers get the legal and HR support and documents needed by their business to deal with employment law, HR and health and safety law obligations.

Lawrite customers include a wide variety of businesses and organisations including hotels and restaurants, employment agencies, estate agents, schools, care homes and charities.

Lawrite annual subscriptions are used by many in-house HR professionals to ensure they have up to date employment law document templates - including contracts of employment and employee handbooks with essential HR policies and procedures - and detailed law guides to work with, and access to telephone legal advice from employment lawyers when it is required.

Lawrite Lawshop

Lawrite employment law subscriptions

Go to the Lawrite Lawshop to buy Lawrite employment law documents package-based subscriptions for UK employers and in-house HR professionals.

Subscriptions last for 12 months and are priced according to the number of employees, starting at £125 for Employment Law Documents (1-10 employees licence). Buy online and download the Lawrite document templates and law guides package immediately.

Lawrite Employment Law Documents package

The Lawrite Employment Law Documents package has been used by thousands of UK employers to ensure they have the right document templates for contracts of employment, staff handbooks including all the required policies and procedures, contractors agreements, and many other letters and forms to use when dealing with staff.

We provide a detailed Guide to Using the Document Templates. There is also guidance about the law in an Employment Law Manual, a quick-reference A to Z Guide to Employment Law, an HR Guide for Employers, and a Guide to Health and Safety Law (a total of more than 700 pages of useful guidance - pdf).

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Lawrite Employment Law Service - with telephone legal advice

The Employment Law Service for UK employers includes the Employment Law Documents package for document templates and law guides, together with unlimited access to the Lawrite Legal Advice Line for telephone legal advice from a team of employment lawyers.

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Find out more and buy online at the Lawrite Lawshop:

Lawrite HR

HR and management consultancy in London

Lawrite HR is a consultancy in London which specialises in helping businesses with HR, employment law and management problems.

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Managed HR

Lawrite HR provides HR and legal support for a wide range of businesses and organisations in the UK as part of a fixed-fee annually-renewed Managed HR service.

The Managed HR service gives Lawrite HR clients expert legal advice and HR support whenever they need it, with all the necessary legal and HR documents - employment contracts, service agreements, employee handbooks and letters to employees - individually drafted for them by an assigned employment lawyer or consultant, who will be available to advise them about day to day employment law and HR issues when they arise.

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HR and management consultancy

Lawrite HR also helps employers deal with their HR, employment law and management problems on a specific project basis.

With advice and assistance from Lawrite HR, employers can deal with employees that have made grievance complaints, are under-performing, lack capability, or whose conduct at work fails to meet acceptable standards. Lawrite HR can advise and help when there is a problem with long-term absence from work though ill-health or disability.

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Employment law training for managers

Lawrite HR provides training for managers about employment law and the Equality Act. Training can cover how to deal with disciplinary action or employee grievances and avoid unfair dismissal or discrimination in the workplace.

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