HR, employment law and your business – free pdf e-book

Thousands of management hours valued at millions of pounds are lost to the UK economy each year due to workplace disputes.

Research by the CIPD found that on average organisations devote more than 350 days in management time a year to managing disciplinary and grievance cases.

Many employers still make the mistake of thinking that because they are a small business or only have a few employees they need pay little attention to employment law compliance or HR.

In reality the majority of private sector employers are small to medium-size businesses, and employment law and health and safety law applies as much to them as it does to bigger businesses.

Our free pdf e-book “HR, employment law and your business” explains exactly what your employment law and health and safety obligations are, and why having the right HR policies and procedures in place can make your business more efficient and improve productivity, not to mention freeing up the management time spend dealing with disputes and grievances that could often have been avoided.

Free pdf e-book “HR, employment law and your business”.

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