HR, employment law and your business – free pdf e-book

Knowing about your employment law obligations to your workforce and the HR policies and procedures you should be operating within your business is not merely about compliance or the dangers of ending up in the Employment Tribunal.

Thousands of hours of management time worth millions of pounds to the UK economy every year is spent dealing with employment and HR disputes.

Many of those disputes could have been avoided if business owners and their managers were aware of the basics of employment law and how it impacts on the way they can deal with people who work for them, and if proper written HR policies and procedures were put in place.

HR, employment law and your business

Our free pdf e-book “HR, employment law and your business” explains exactly what your employment law and health and safety obligations are, and why having the right HR policies and procedures in place can make your business more efficient and improve productivity, not to mention freeing up the management time spend dealing with disputes and grievances that could often have been avoided.

HR, employment law and your business

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Contents list

Check list – how good is your business?
Entitlement to work in the UK
Terms and conditions
Notice periods
Wages, equal pay, and sick pay
National Minimum Wage
Equal pay
Statutory sick pay
Working hours, breaks and annual leave
The 48 hour week
Night workers
Rest periods
Annual leave
Fixed term and part time work
Disciplinary and grievance procedures and dismissals
Equality and discrimination
Time off work
Time off for emergencies involving dependants
Right to apply for flexible working
Working parents’ rights
Maternity leave
Paternity leave
Adoption leave
Shared parental leave
Unpaid parental leave
Health and safety
Employer’s liability insurance
Employment law check list for employers:
Terms and conditions
Wages, equal pay, and sick pay
Working time, breaks and annual leave
Fixed term and part-time work
Disciplinary and grievances, dismissals and redundancy
Equality and discrimination
Time off work
Right to apply for flexible working
Working parents
Health and safety
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